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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Import Sketchup 2016-2017 SKP files to Revit

Revit natively supports importing Sketchup up to version 8. If you want to import 'new' Trimble Sketchup files, like some nice content you have download from 3D Warehouse, you have at least 2 different options:
  1. Open the file in a new version of Sketchup and save down to version 8, then import to Revit
  2. Import to AutoCAD first (IMPORTSKP), then save as DWG, and then bring it into Revit. You may need to install the Sketchup Import addin for AutoCAD to import 2016 and newer versions of Sketchup.
Based on some preliminary testing, I think option 1 is probably the better / easier way to go at the current time.

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  1. Hi Luke,
    Why not do; SketchUp to FormIt, in FormIt assign Group category (family), then FormIt to Revit using the FormIt plug-in? In FormIt you can even check to see if there is any watertight issues and fix them before coming into Revit as actual Revit geometry.