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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Change Notification Settings By Project and Overlay Any PDF in Revizto 4.2

Revizto 4.2 has been released, with some nice enhancements including:
  • Ability to overlay any PDF onto 3D
  • Significantly improved Clash visualization
  • Export of sheets from Revit in Vector format, now with linked models
  • ArchVision RPC support
  • Improved email notification settings for the Issue Tracker.
Here is the overview video:

And if you want to modify notification settings, follow these steps:
  1. Login to Revizto portal at https://revizto.com/en/user/login
  2. Click your profile menu and "Notifications"

  3. Set global settings here, or switch to  "Project settings" to modify by project

  4. Click the menu beside a project, and then you can disable with "No notifications", or modify at project level with "Custom Settings"

  5. Then modify the settings at project level and press Save
Another nice update... Revizto continues to develop great features and assist us in new and better ways of working.

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