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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Automatically Post to Slack from Revit with Slackit for Revit

Slack is a pretty awesome messaging tool, primarily due to the number of integrations it supports. I had a note to myself from months ago to check out Slackit, and today I finally got around to trying it.

Basically, it is a Revit addin that can publish information about the current Revit session directly to a nominated slack channel.

Here's how I got it working on Revit 2016:
  1. Download code (clone into Github Desktop)
  2. Open SlackIt.sln in Visual Studio
  3. Compile (after fixing RevitAPI and RevitUIAPI dll reference to Revit 2016 program folder)
  4. Build the solution, which should automatically setup the addin for you. The addin code also tells you a bit about the author and the hackathon where it was put together...
  5. Start Revit
  6. Get token from slack
  7. Start Slack from the Settings button first

  8. Fill out the form

  9. Do some things in Revit, like sync with Central, and see the notification 
  10. Experiment with the screenshot tool

I expect we will see some interesting integrations between Dynamo and Slack pretty soon too...

Github at https://github.com/pix3lot/Slackit

Home page at https://devpost.com/software/slackit


  1. Hello,
    can you share your Revit 2016 compiled addin? I don't have Visual Studio installed.

  2. looks promising! 2015 AEC Hackathon winner