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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Direct Download Links for Revit 2017.1, Revit 2016 Update 7, and The DynamoBIM Player is Here

Big day yesterday in Revit updates, particularly with Revit 2017.1 (apparently not really 2017 Update 1, but more like 2017 R2 or subscription release?) bringing some really cool enhancements, and the Dynamo Player! Here are some links and other information:

Revit 2017.1 (point 1, or maybe R2, but not really 'Update 1' ??)

Release Notes 
Autodesk blog post
    showing these top new features:

Revit 2016 R2 Update 7
Release Notes

Dynamo Player
People have been asking for a way to run their scripts more easily and transparently, and now you can. Simply install Revit 2017 Update 1, ensure you have Dynamo installed, and you will have a new option on your Ribbon...

It comes pre-configured to point at a samples folder:

You can point this at your own "Player" folder containing DYNs.

Press Play button to Run, and Edit button to open the DYN in Dynamo.

It remains to be seen how inputs will be handled?

Pick Objects and Dynamo Player
Interesting thoughts over on the forum, about how if you use a DYN with a Select Node, it will still 'work' --  this opens up some great possibilities!

Dynamo Player on Revit Help

Associated discussion over here.


  1. The link for 2016 R2 Update 7 is missing the H in HTTP.

  2. 2016 r2 update 7 have a error regarding publish project to revit collaboration new bim 360 hub, to fix the problem Revit collaboration V8 need to be installed.


  3. Hi Luke,

    I would like to point out a very significant aspect, i.e. I think it’s really important how we name this new "complement" for Revit 2017.

    Labeling it as "Update 1", could create confusion and mislead people into thinking that this would be the Update Release 1 (UR1) for Revit 2017, while in fact it is the Release 2 (R2) for Revit 2017.

    This confusion is amplified by referencing it next to the “Update 7” for Revit 2016, which is, indeed, the Update Release 7 (UR7) for Revit 2016.

    Autodesk decided for Revit 2017 that the name of "Release 2" (or R2) will change for Revit 2017.1, therefore I think that it's much more appropriate to talk about this by directly naming it Revit 2017.1 (or eventually Revit 2017 R2), rather than Revit 2017 Update 1.


    Constantin Gherasim