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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Best Practices for Importing Revit Models into InfraWorks 360, and Other InfraWorks Links

InfraWorks 360 is an incredible tool for civil design. For those firms that have adopted it early, it will likely continue to form an integral part of the design-presentation workflow. There are a few links below, as well as a webcast about best practice methods of moving your Revit models into InfraWorks.

Please join Elliott Rosenfeld as he walks you through the finer points of adding Revit data to your InfraWorks 360 models.

If you missed one of the previous webcasts, you can click here to view the recordings or by going to the InfraWorks 360 Community site at http://autodesk.com/InfraWorks360Community and clicking on the Videos tab.

Want to learn more about InfraWorks 360? Go to the InfraWorks 360 Community hub at http://autodesk.com/InfraWorks360Community and clicking the Learning tab.

Also, don’t forget to check out the InfraWorks 360 InfraTips page! If you’re looking for a quick productivity boost, visit this new page to learn some quick InfraWorks 360 tips and tricks.

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