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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

How To Allow TeamViewer Access Through an SSH Tunnel to an EC2 Proxy Server

In case the title didn't give it away, this is a pure IT post. If you aren't interested, check out this Mario video instead...

In some IT environments, you may find that TeamViewer cannot connect. This becomes a problem if you do a lot of remote work in various locations. How can we get TeamViewer working in these situations? Here is one way...
  1. Spin up a micro Amazon EC2 Linux instance (you can have one free instance for a year)
  2. Connect to your instance with putty
  3. Install tinyproxy with
    sudo yum -y install tinyproxy  --enablerepo=epel
  4. Edit tinyproxy settings to allow the IP of your current workstation with
    sudo vim /etc/tinyproxy/tinyproxy.conf
    add a line
    Allow xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (your IP from whatismyip.com)
  5. Disconnect the putty session
  6. Edit putty settings for connecting to your Amazon instance to include a dynamic outbound tunnel on port 3128. Reconnect putty and leave it running.

  7. Edit TeamViewer proxy settings to include manual proxy like this:

Ok, now we have basically given access for TeamViewer through SSH tunnel port forwarding through to our EC2 cloud instance proxy server, and TeamViewer should now be able to find the outside web.

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