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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Backup Your Screencast Data Automatically And Access the Video Files For Offline Use

Autodesk Screencast is a great screen recording tool. However, it is very tied to the cloud. What if you just want to grab the screen capture video file to put it onto your company LAN or insert it into a presentation?

The short story:
  1. Set the Screencast folder location
  2. Setup a RealTimeSync to a 'Screencast backup' folder
  3. Run the RealTimeSync on startup
  4. When you want the source video file, navigate into the backup folder, find the Screencast you want and look for a package.zip. Inside here is the webm file you can copy out and play with VLC or some other player.

 You could also use a video converter to convert the webm file to an mp4 or some other format that you could embed into PowerPoint etc.

Muxing webm and ogg (update):
You can use Hybrid to do this... just use passthrough for video, custom for audio, select the ogg, and ensure output container is mkv or webm. Screenshots below:

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