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Monday, April 18, 2016

Convert BCF to PDF with this Free Utility

The BIM Collaboration Format is getting more popular and more widely supported as the months go by. I was interested to find to this little command line utility that quickly creates a PDF file from a BCFzip. It can batch process multiple BCF files and it outputs a relatively clean PDF with the image and issue name.

What is it? From Sourceforge:
This project provides conversion/rendering of a BIM Collaboration Format (BCFZIP) file exported from Tekla BIMSight and similar applications to a PDF report. It can be useful in several ways, such as:
1) sending someone a PDF report instead of BCF file.
2) Print a hard copy of BCF report for signoff
3) Review BCF content quickly without installing or launching any BIM software

Command line usage:

PDF output looks like this, 1 issue per page:

Download and main page at:
BCF2PDF download | SourceForge.net

Instructions, showing you can also use drag-and-drop for multiple BCFs:
1. Download the file BCF2PDF.rar from Source Forge and place in a folder.
2. Export one or more .bcfzip files from Tekla BIMSight or other similar applications.
3. Drag the .bcfzip files and drop onto the icon of BCF2PDF.exe executable.
4. One or more PDF reports will be created in the same folder as the source .bcfzip files.


  1. Have you managed to get BCF to work reliably between Revit, Solibri and Navisworks on a "real" project?

    1. No, we use Revizto for viewpoint sharing and discussion on live projects at this stage.

    2. Yes i have. And it's fantastic.
      Use them as BCF plugins or via the cloud with BIMcollab!

  2. Why the hell would you want to convert BCF to PDF? It undermines the whole concept!

    1. I understand what you are saying. This is one of those cases where sometimes you need to provide data to non-tech people in a format they can easily read, even though it becomes an 'endpoint' and not an exchange format in this instance.

    2. Well, don't post those workarounds online! They'll think it's a legitimate way of working!