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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

IFC for Revit - Updated Download Links March 2016

IFC for Revit 2015 (v15.7):

IFC for Revit 2016 (v16.4):

New Export Functionality:
- Append "(Type)" to all internal Revit type property sets, to avoid having multiple property sets with the same name assigned to the same IFC entity.
- Changed how the classification code is parsed so that classifications can have brackets and colons in them.
- "Extra Low" level of detail now applies to all faceted BRep geometry, allowing many more files to export without hitting the size limit.
- If a user-defined property set contains the same property name more than once, take the last non-empty value (don't duplicate the property name).
- Rebar elements can generate up to 1024 consistent GUIDs for individual IfcReinforcementBars, up from 256.
- (IFC4) Zones can now have a long name, set by the "ZoneLongName" shared parameter for non-MEP zones, and the "IfcLongName" parameter for MEP zones.

Export Bug Fixes:
- Don't create orphaned IfcStyledItems.
- Don't export invisible geometry in beams.
- Export DirectShapes of Walls category.
- Export elements with empty custom classification field values.
- Floors exported as IfcSlabs correctly report if they are load bearing or not, using either the "LoadBearing" shared parameter or the Structural built-in parameter, in that order.
- Improve performance in certain cases where we can't create a valid tessellation for a face.
- The "Use active view to generate geometry" option now works correctly.
- (IFC4) Correct the orientation of some IfcAdvancedBRep faces.

New Import Functionality:
- Import IfcProxy as Generic Models.

Import Bug Fixes:
- Fix how the IFC GUID is set for certain elements.
- Fix the orientation of some imported objects where part of the local placement needs to be calculated.
- (IFC4) Read in some missing relations caused by "IsDefinedBy" split into 3 inverse attributes.

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