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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Moving your Windows Temp folder so that Revit doesn't Fill Up Your SSD with Temporary Files

Do you have a problem with your SSD getting maxed out by a bloated TEMP directory (%temp%) ? In Revit, you might have an issue with revittemp_ files, particularly if you are using massive federated models with lots of Revit links...

Maybe this is an 'edge case', but I've tweeted about this issue a couple of times:
To stop this problem from affecting your main, system SSD hard drive disk space, you can move your Windows Temp directory. Here's how:

Go to This PC, Properties:

Go to Advanced system settings:

Go to Advanced tab, Environment Variables:

Then for TEMP and TMP, edit the path:

And input a location on a larger, secondary hard drive:

Here are the same screenshots for TMP:

Then, restart your computer:

 After restart, you should see files showing up in the new TEMP directory:

And when you open Revit file with links, you may see the revittemp_ files starting to appear:

Note: this setting applies on a per-Windows-user basis.

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  1. This is another great post that's been asked by our Revit students before. Thanks.