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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Free Cobie Sample Models for Download from Prairie Sky Consulting and @bondbryanBIM

COBie is a bit of mystery for some people, so any efforts like this to make it more understandable are very appreciated. I immediately opened the 'COBie export' model in Revit 2015 and was able query a lot of data from the elements:

And then I uploaded it to A360 so it could be embedded here:

Files (obtain these from http://prairieskyconsulting.com/testing.htm)

All file provided in compressed format (.ZIP).

Details on development
Rob Jackson used a publicly released set of concept design drawings to simulate the early design in ARCHICAD of one of four dormitories on a fictous site adjacent to the University of Illinois, Champaign, Illinois, USA. This model was developed as if it were being developed for a real client.

As the design developed, the COBie Plugin for bimServer.org was iteratively applied to resolve issues identified. In some cases, the issues identified were the result of modeling. Other issues required direct feedback with ARCHICAD programmers. This communication was extremely helpful, efficient, and resulted in several software change tickets for which work-arounds were applied for this project.

More information at the source:



  1. Hello Luke,
    I would like to find out how you embedded that 3d dwf file in your blog post. Is there a way to contact you?

    1. You simply upload to A360 and use Share - Embed code.

    2. Luke,
      The problem I have is that the link is only good for 30 days. I've contacted Autodesk and there isn't anyway to have a permanent link unless you pay for an account and then force everyone that you want to share the link with to sign up for an account.

    3. Looks like you link is dead as well now.