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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

List of All Revit Build Numbers and Updates from Revit 2012 to Revit 2016

Do you sometimes get lost in the sheer amount of updates that come out for various Revit versions from year to year? When it comes to managing a team, you often want to make sure everyone is on the same build, but then how can you figure out which Update to install to get that Build Number?

Thankfully, there is now a Autodesk Knowledge Network page for this at:
How to tie the Build number with the Revit update. | Revit Products | Autodesk Knowledge Network

For an example of what you will find over there, check out this list for Revit 2015:

First Customer Ship Build: 20140223_1515
Update Release 1 Build: 20140322_1515
Update Release 2 Build: 20140323_1530
Update Release 3 Build: 20140606_1530
Update Release 4 Build: 20140903_1530
Release 2 Build: 20140905_0730 (Subscription only release)
Update Release 5 Build: 20141119_1515
Release 2 Update Release 5 Build: 20141119_0715 (Subscription only release)
Update Release 6 Build: 20150127_1515
Release 2 Update Release 6 Build: 20150127_0715 (Subscription only release)
Update Release 7 Build: 20150303_1515
Release 2 Update Release 7 Build: 20150303_0715 (Subscription only release)
Update Release 8 Build: 20150512_1015
Release 2 Update Release 8 Build: 20150511_0715 (Subscription only release)
Update Release 9 Build: 20150702_1515
Release 2 Update Release 9 Build: 20150704_0715 (Subscription only release)
Update Release 10 Build: 20151007_1515
Release 2 Update Release 10 Build: 20151008_0715 (Subscription only release)

If you ever need to audit a bunch of RVTs for their build number, you might consider doing something in Dynamo.

Heads-up from:
Phil-osophy in BIM: Revit Build Number


  1. Hi Luke,

    These are a little bit hard to follow I guess, they don't say anything about A360 C4R, and don't take into consideration the last one, UR11 for Revit 2015.

    I maintain for my self a flowchart with a little more information, and I posted it at the following address (I'll update it when UR12 will be available):


    Take a look at it and if you think it's OK, I can send it to you in order to post it on your own blog.

    May the BIM force be with you, Luke :)

    Constantin Gherasim

    1. Wow, great work on that diagram Constantin! It gives much more detail and history than the AKN link. I would be happy to post your image once you have completed it.
      2016-01-14_1923.png (PNG Image, 656 × 984 pixels) - Scaled (97%)

  2. Thank you Constantin (and Luke).

    That sums it up nicely for those of us that are visual learners.

    BTW: I just had my RAC2015 Application Manager notify me of UR12 this morning on my home use.