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Friday, January 22, 2016

ArchSmarter Toolbox - Revit Renamer v2 Macro for download (Room and Sheet Names, Numbers, Views renaming)

Information from Michael Kilkelly at ArchSmarter:
This macro easily renames room names and numbers, sheet names and numbers, and views. To run the macro, first download the ZIP file and extract the RVT macro files. There's a RVT file for Revit 2014, 2015, and 2016. Open the macro file then make active the file containing the elements you want to rename. Go to Manage > Macro Manager to open the Macro Manager dialog. Select the "RunRenamer" macro from the list then click the run button.

Enter the text you want to replace in the "Find" field. Enter the new text in the "Replace with" field. Select the type of element you want to search in the "Scope" field. If you want the "find" text to only consider text with matching case, check the "Match case" check box. If you only want to search for whole words that match the "find" text, check the "Match whole word only" checkbox. Click the "Replace" button to rename the elements.

Download at http://archsmarter.com/download/revit-renamer-v2/#
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