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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Workarounds for "No suitable geometry found when exporting from Revit to Navisworks 2015"

Update 3:
This update from BIM360 Support recommends removing 2015 Navisworks exporters, which should force Glue addin to use the 2016 NWC export engine... Here's how:
  1. uninstall both the NWC Exporter 2015 and NWC Exporter 2016, 
  2. restart the computer and 
  3. re-install NWC Exporter 2016, 
  4. exporting a view from Revit should work using the Glue plug-in.

Update 2: I'm pleased to report that installing the latest Navisworks Exporters for 2016 (namely Autodesk_Navisworks_Exporters_2016_Multilingual_Win_32_64bit_r2_dlm.sfx.exe) fixed this issue! So using the Navisworks NWC 2016 Exporter proceeded successfully running on Revit 2015. However, the current BIM 360 Glue addin for Revit 2015 still has the same "No suitable geometry" bug.

Unfortunately, I do face the "SomePrinter cannot be used with SomeSuch print settings. The in-session print settings will be used." This pops up about 10 times during a big federated NWC export, so I will post about the fix when I figure it out. Or feel free comment if you already know how to fix it :)

On latest R2 version of Revit 2015, with Navisworks 2015 SP3 and Navisworks Exporters R3, there remains a Navisworks export bug that affects some projects after upgrade from previous versions of Revit.

Error: documented at http://knowledge.autodesk.com/support/revit-products/troubleshooting/caas/sfdcarticles/sfdcarticles/Error-No-suitable-geometry-found-when-exporting-from-Revit-to-Navisworks-2015.html

Update 1: in his case, Ben at BIMopedia found that ...
 the ‘Profile’ category, which was a selectable option in Revit 2013 when creating an In-Place family, had been removed in Revit 2014.

During the upgrade procedure, Revit had changed these ‘Profile’ category elements (which no longer exist in Revit 2014) into a category called ‘Other’, which is not a ‘properly defined’ category inside of Revit. Therefore, these ‘uncategorised’ elements were causing the NWC export to fail.

Full post:
Continued.. “No suitable geometry found” when exporting from Revit to NWC | BIMopedia

You can use the selection method to Export and the error does not seem to occur:
  1. Open the 3D view to export 
  2. Select all visible objects 
  3. Go to Addins ribbon, 
  4. choose External Tools - Navisworks 2015 (Exporter) 
  5. In the settings, choose "Selection" (see attached screenshot) 
  6. Name the file and export as usual

Other suggested workarounds (did not work in this instance):
  1. Turn off Detail Items
  2. Try exporting again
  1. Remove View Template
  2. Set Level of Detail of view to something other than Fine
  3. Set Level of Detail of categories in V/G to the setting you desire (can be Fine)
  4. Try exporting again 
Try turning off categories one at a time to find out which Category the problem geometry resides in.

using "uncut" in the Family Editor to uncut the voids from everything, and then using 'cut' to cut them again. after reloading back through into the project, this also allowed the export to continue.

some other way...
The log file reports:
Autodesk.Revit.Exceptions.ExternalApplicationException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
   at Autodesk.Revit.DB.CustomExporter.Export(View3D view)
   at NavisWorks12.LcIRevitBase.Export3DView(View3D view_3d, StateDictionary state_dict)
   at NavisWorks12.LcIRevitBase.ExportDocument(String& return_message, ElementSet elements, LcIRevitParameters* params)

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  1. Luke

    Regarding Revit 2015 NWC export is it just coincidence or were you CP's reference?

  2. I get this error constantly and none of these solutions work. Autodesk support has also been unhelpful.

    1. It seems this is related to overlapping voids in your families. Once you determine the at-fault families, you can modify the family to use solid extrusions instead of voids. Once the problem families are replace, the error should go away.

      Needless to say, from a development perspective upgrading a model to a "newer" Revit version should not have resulted in this frustrating issue.

    2. Same problem here. I have tried suggestions found elsewhere, turning off detail items in templates, deleting all templates, exporting by selection... nothing seems to work. To make it worse, this is one of several consultant's models that get updated weekly- there is no easy way to troubleshoot hundreds of families or to find time to do so.

  3. Only removing the view templates worked for my file.

  4. Dear Luke!
    Do you have any additional information, how to fix the printer settings, while export to Navis?
    I mean: "SomePrinter cannot be used with SomeSuch print settings. The in-session print settings will be used."
    Thanks for your gold blog!

    1. What version of the Exporter are you using?