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Friday, February 14, 2014

Driving a Revit Material Parameter with Formulas, and Randomizing Materials

I posted about Randomizer a while back.  I have since seen it used to randomize the colour of panels.  One way to do this is to use a integer or numeric Shared Parameter and View Filters (ie. randomize from 1 to 5, have your View Filter apply Red to 1, Yellow to 2 etc).  However, could this principle be applied to change the actual Material too?

Philip Chan provides one answer:
In the component family environment, Revit won't allow you to formulate the material parameter. All you can do is to set the material as a parameter; in the formula field, you won't be able to input formula like you can for other type of parameter (e.g. Length). I recall a trick from Alfredo Medina that you can parametrize a material with conditional statement using nested family. So, I ended up rigging up a curtain panel family with a setup that looks like this:

you can download it from the link below:Randomized Panel rfa

Read the whole post:
link here

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  1. I showed a similar technique at RTC in 2012 - how to control colours by parameters; Also how to randomise the colours, but by a different method. See post here:
    I plan to explain how its done on my blog some time soon.