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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Addins for Design Review

Probably the browser one is the most interesting...  Oh, is it only me that finds the misspelling of accuracy quite hilarious :-)

 JT Import Add-in
Enables JT files to be accessed from within Design Review with full fidelity and accuracty.

DGN Import Add-in
Working with DGN? Now Autodesk has a add-in for Design Review to enable importing of DGN files, making your design review process more seamless.

Autodesk® Design Review Browser Add-in
The Autodesk Design Review Browser add-in for Autodesk Design Review software lets you view DWF™ files using Mozilla® Firefox® and Google Chrome for the Windows® operating system. Now, you can view embedded DWF files in Firefox and Chrome much the same way as you do in the Microsoft® Internet Explorer® browser.


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