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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Copy a Directory Tree "Flat" - all files into one folder, no subfolders

Let's say you have exported all families in a Revit project to a bunch of folders by Category, but you want to get them all into one folder so you can drag-drop and load them all into a new project all at once...

Copy the following into a batch file:

@echo off
set source="E:\tempE\export"
set destination="E:\tempE\export2"

::Not sure if this is needed
::It guarantees you have a canonical path (standard form)
for %%F in (%destination%) do set destination="%%~fF"

for /r %source% %%F in (.) do if "%%~fF" neq %destination% ROBOCOPY "%%F" %destination% *.rfa /COPYALL /R:0

Now, change the text in red to suit your source and destination (my destination folder was empty).  Run the batch file and you should have a stack of RFAs all sitting in that folder.  Note: results may be a bit unpredictable if you have duplicates of particular files in the source directory tree.

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  1. When we use the built-in tool "Save as... Library" > Families... the result is that all the families are saved into the same folder, without subfolders. What would be the difference in the result if somebody uses this routine?

  2. The bult-in tool for saving the project as library already puts all the families in one single folder. What would be the advantage of using this routine?

  3. I had used the Case exporter, and it puts families into folders by category.