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Friday, October 18, 2013

Setting up access to the Open Source Macro Repository for Revit

You may want to know how to set up access to the public macro repository.  Here is a bit of a step by step:
  1. Install SourceTree
  2. Follow prompts to install additional packages
  3. Login to the BitBucket Page in a web browser (register if you haven't already)
  4. Click on the arrow and Check out in SourceTree
  5. Clone New -- Make sure the path is set exactly to this (make folders if you have to):
  6. After fetching, restart Revit.

Its important that it looks like this in SourceTree:
Upon restart, you should see the Public_2014 tree in your Macro Manager.

To ensure you have the latest version:
  1. Do a Fetch and Pull in SourceTree
  2. Edit one of the macros
  3. Do a Rebuild by hitting F8 - any new code or extra macros should now show up
(thanks to Troy Gates for above tip)

Note:  Make a sample macro and it will populate files and folders in:

You can also carefully follow the images at :
A public Git repository for sharing Revit Macros at BitBucket | Boost Your BIM - making Revit even better

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