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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Good RFO discussion on BIM, LOD, Co-ordination and BEPs

I think that every BIM decision, for standards, LOD, deliverables etc will always be project based, and while you can have a preferred company standard and champion it, different requirements will mean it's all about the BIM Execution Plan.
- Cyus

Coordinating amongst just the design teams is cute, but it's not the real world.
- Aaron Maller

when I first started using Revit 3.1, BIM was all about production with a capital P. It seemed that Revit's development was heavily focused on how to help me do my work faster & better.
Now you've got a lot of people online, in articles, and at conferences talking about BIM who haven't actually delivered a project in BIM, and saying things like "everything has to be modeled down to the hinges otherwise it's not BIM".
- JeffreyMcGrew

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