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Monday, September 23, 2013

Use Ctrl + scroll wheel in various Revit dialogs to Zoom in and out

Just hold down Ctrl button while scrolling with mouse wheel... I have tested this (non exhaustively) on Revit 2013 and Windows 7, and it works fine on the following dialogs:

  • the Properties Palette (wow!)
  • the data section of the Type Properties (Edit Type) dialog
  • Family Types
  • the Family Parameters part (lower section) of the Family Category and Parameters dialog
  • IFC Export and Import Options dialogs
  • Fill Patterns settings
  • Sheet Issues/Revisions

Thanks to this tweet for the heads-up:


  1. I was given this tip during a training session by one of the attendees. I was wowed! I believe it works in any program, but I have not tested. I works great to enlarge what you are typing in Family Types or other windows while on a projector in front of a class.

  2. Dang!! How did I not stumble upon this before?!
    This is a nice feature, particularly for presentations where the projector screen size is sometimes limited.
    Too bad it doesn't work in more dialog boxes -- it isn't working for me some very frequent windows like Project Browser, Visibility/Graphics, Schedules, Schedule Properties, etc.
    (I'm testing it in Revit 2014)