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Monday, September 16, 2013

Render Settings for Revit

Great render settings to use a starting point - see below.

Render Settings - good quality but much faster to render

Image Precision = 4
Reflections = 2
Refractions = 4
Blurred Reflections = 1
Blurred Refractions = 1
Soft Shadows = OFF
Indirect Illumination = 1
Indirect Smoothness = 1
Indirect Bounces =4
Daylight Portals = OFF

Soft Shadows
Lighting = 2am
Sky = No Clouds
Exposure = 2-2.5

Clay Render
New Phase Filter
Materials = Clay
Lighting = 2am
Sky = No Clouds
Background Style = Colour - White
Exposure = 2-2.5

Exposure Settings - realistic and impressive
Exposure Value = 12.5
Highlights = 0.06
Mid Tones = 0.5
Shadows = 0.2
White Point = 7500
Saturation = 1.1 - Variable

BIM Day Out // Tom de Plater

More detailed info at:
Revit Rendering - Revit Tutorials Online


  1. here's a question. I am working in 2014 and have been using a model which is for night time rendering (Think TRON visual style). I set my render style in the view properties dialogue box, while I am working on a walkthrough. Set to just lights, no daylight. I even do some test renders with the same settings for individual stills, to get the exposure right. But a whole number of times, I go to render the whole set of frames through the export dialog and REVIT changes the exposure settings completely, in some cases randomly turning the sun back on.
    I have to save, exit, restart, retry, and it's 50/50 on success after that.
    How can I rock solidly lock down render parameters for walk thoughts? PS, I always render to JPEG, so I can track progress and catch glitches like what I described.

    1. Try creating a new View Template from the view when its render settings get "close" to what you are after - you can make the template apply to all view settings (tick everything), or just Render settings (tick the one that says render).

      After you have made the template, if you find it annoying to always modify the view settings through the View Template dialog, just turn the template off (click None), then make another one after a while to "save" your render settings.

    2. I would consider pulling it into another package for after dark rendering. Revit really isnt cut out for that. I know it can be done but there isnt an ideal way to do the ambient night lighting.

  2. hi thanks for the very helpfull tip.
    i didnt find where i can change the soft shadows and clay render settings. thanks a lot

    1. Soft shadows are in Render Settings, the Clay render uses Phases to override material.