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Thursday, July 4, 2013

GRAITEC Revit add-in

"quickly connect ... Revit models to the GRAITEC Advance suite and then optimize the design of their structures in accordance with North American and Eurocode standards and produce effective and error-free general arrangement drawings, fabrication drawings, BOMs, NC files for both steel and concrete structures.Read more.
GRAITEC BIM Connect is available on Autodesk Exchange for Autodesk Revit."



  1. Hi Luke,

    I have just a few comments on this topic.

    The link you provide in your article points to the 2013 version of this product.

    However, there's a 2014 version of the GRAITEC BIM Connect add-in for Revit 2014, which requires a so called "prerequisite". This is an EXE file which deploys Microsoft's Jet Database Engine 64bit (AccessDatabaseEngine_X64.exe) for the 64bit version of Graitec’s add-in.

    We found out that there is a problem with this 64bit installation of Graitec BIM Connect 2014 on systems with Revit 2014 64bit and MS Office 2010 32bit (as recommended by Microsoft). This is the BIM/CAD standard machine in my company and unfortunately, once the 64bit DB driver is installed, it affects the good functioning of the MS Office 2010 32bit applications, i.e. each and every time we start an Office 2010 component (Word, Excel, etc.), there's an annoying dialog box popping up with the message "Configuring Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus..." which delays the MS Office application start-up.

    After contacting someone at Graitec Canada, they are looking for a solution to this issue.

    If you are interested, I could do a follow-up with you and tell you what's their answer to the problem.

    I thought that you might want to know this and eventually publish some warning for the Revit users.


    Constantin Gherasim
    CAD/BIM Technical Support and Software Programmer

    1. Hi Luke,

      I'm back as promised, after having an answer from Graitec Canada concerning the conflict between the 64bit driver for MS Access 2010 deployed by Graitec BIM Connect, and the 32bit installation (as recommended by Microsoft) of MS Office 2010 (I suppose it's the same with MS Office 2013, but I cannot confirm).

      Basically, they offered me two solutions. The common aspect for the two solutions is to get rid of the Setup Wizard (which is installing the 64it driver) and to install only the MSI found in the downloaded ZIP file.

      In the first case scenario, they are saying that the application works as well with the 32bit MS Access driver (as I was supposing) deployed by the MS Office installation, but the data crunching will take longer.

      In this case, the two database files used by the application would be left as is, i.e. pointing to the 32bit MS Access driver:

      DRIVER={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb, *.accdb)};UID=;PWD=;DBQ=C:\ProgramData\Graitec\Data\AstorProfiles2014.mdb
      DRIVER={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb, *.accdb)};UID=;PWD=;DBQ=C:\ProgramData\Graitec\Data\GTCMapping2014.mdb

      An alternative would be to point the add-in to the Advance ODBC Driver deployed by the add-in installation (the aforementioned MSI file). In order to point the add-in to the new driver, the registry keys must be changed as it follows:

      DRIVER={Advance ODBC Driver};UID=;PWD=;DBQ=C:\ProgramData\Graitec\Data\AstorProfiles2014.mdb
      DRIVER={Advance ODBC Driver};UID=;PWD=;DBQ=C:\ProgramData\Graitec\Data\GTCMapping2014.mdb

      So far I didn't test any of the above solutions and I cannot say which one is faster and/or better .

      The only thing I can confirm is that the bug with the annoying MS Office configuration window is gone.

      I hope that I was clear enough and that somebody else will consider this information to be useful.


      Constantin Gherasim
      CAD/BIM Technical Support and Software Programmer