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Monday, July 8, 2013

eVox - a Revit Bill of Quantities add-in

Strangely enough, I recently came across two different BOQ methodologies for Revit - one is an addin, another is a cloud based solution.  This post is about the addin, called eVox, by Luca Vocella.

To be totally honest, I haven't had much time to do a proper review of the addin.  However, I was waiting for it to be available on Exchange before I posted about it.  It is there now, at:

Luca is very interested in any feedback on comments you may have - feel free to post them here, and Luca will then improve the app according to your recommendations.

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  1. Could be combined with the BIMiTs DataLink tool for Revit.
    See: http://apps.exchange.autodesk.com/RVT/en/List/Search?productline=RVT&query=bimits+datalink&facet=&collection=