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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Got a Revit question? Custom search Revit Blogs and Revit Forums ...

I have created a new custom search engine that searches through hundreds of Revit blogs and the main Revit forums at:
Revit Master Search

I have also updated the Revit Blog Search and Revit Forum Search pages.


  1. Nice job Luke! Would you mind adding bimopedia to the list? Cheers. Ben

  2. Hey mate, http://www.bimopedia.com/blog is already on the blog and master search? I'll also add the main domain to the master search.

  3. Thanks mate - all seems to be working well now. Before when I tried searching bimopedia it only returned results from other blogs that I'd been mentioned on. Must be something to do with the url. Thanks for sorting it :)