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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Curtain System with Rotating Panels

I get pretty excited when a new Revit blog comes online - is that sad? Revit: Down to the Details has put out some cool posts since it started two months ago, particularly related to fine detailing and also a few posts on rotating curtain panels - both Pattern and System based.

One that particularly caught my eye was this (also thanks to Andy):
Revit: Down to the Details: Rotating Curtain Panel Revisted

In the words of the blog author, MerryMan:
I pride myself at being very efficient at creating Revit components and sometimes going a bit overboard when it comes to creating some of the details of the object.


  1. The curtain system with rotating panels is superb. Know all about it

  2. how did you make Curtain system with rotating panels?