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Thursday, June 28, 2012

RTC Survival Guide

You are going to RTC.  Will it be amazing?  Probably.  But will you get the most out of it?  That is completely up to YOU.  Here are a few pointers.
  1. Drink lots of coffee (in moderation, of course)
  2. Talk to as many people as you can - target the people who you have made contact with online but haven't met in person
  3. Get your own name out there in conversation - make sure you say something memorable, like "this Rivett program is cool, hey"
  4. If you get bored, go get another coffee
Here is the golden tip - for each session that you attend, make a note of 2 (two) things that you think you can use.  These may be
  • timesavers,
  • ways to customize your Revit environment,
  • online resources you didn't know about,
  • anything that could improve your personal workflow or your company standards.  
But aim for 2 points per session.  More points make it difficult to actually recall and apply them, less and you are not getting your RTC value-for-money.

Have fun!

PS - Feel free to post your own 'survival tips' in the comments...


  1. Hey Luke, good tips. Are you here?

  2. Not this year mate, hope you aren't having too much fun without me.

  3. It's a really good time, but I'll save a brew for you next year.