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Friday, May 18, 2012

i-model plug-ins for Adobe Reader + Revit = time for 3D BIM PDF ?

I previously posted about the i-model plugin for Revit here which ultimately allows you to export from Revit to the Bentley i-model format, and then subsequently Export to a 3D PDF file.

A couple of days ago, Bentley released version of the i-model plug-in for Adobe Reader.

This allows you to:
  • View/interact with i-models using free Adobe software
  • Pan, zoom, rotate, and search embedded i-models

This presents a possible solution for Revit to actually produce 3D PDF files that have legitimate BIM intelligence, through the Bentley i-model plugin for Revit.

FTP download link  for Adobe Reader plugin


  1. Not bad, but not as good as DWF.
    A test on a 3D view of a hospital floor, including equipment:
    i-model 20 minutes to create a 26Mb PDF that is slow to navigate.
    DWFx 30 seconds to create 4Mb DXFx that responds instantly in Design Review.
    The only advantage is for clients; i-model PDF Reader add-in 50Mb, Design Review 724Mb.
    725Mb download just to look at a file. What is AutoDesk thinking? No wonder they can't put a dent on PDF usage.

  2. It is not fair compare DWF with PDF, you should compare DWF with i-model!

    i-model format is miles (or kilometers) ahead dwf in many diferent ways.

  3. I have found Bentley i-models very lite compared to 3D PDFs. Both have their place though.