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Monday, May 21, 2012

Faster Revit application load time for free

Cool tip from The Revit Convert on how to skip the splash screen and speed up the loading time of your Revit.exe.  Just right-click on your Revit shortcut icon and go to Properties, then:

From the Properties palette and in the Target box, go to the very end of that long sequence and add {spacebar}/nosplash  (after the " marks, not inside them) (please do not type {spacebar}, that is just my indication that you use the space bar) 

Read more at:
Want to (slightly) speed up Revit? � The Revit Convert


  1. great tip luke - might be worth pointing out that the switch should be after the " not inside. (I know you said the very end :)

  2. HA!, I should have read the comments first. Ditto the "after the " not inside " comment.

  3. On my PC it took 22,3s without splash and 22,4 with splash, i have tested it a few times and I see no difrence.