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Monday, April 23, 2012

What do you love about Revit 2013?

There is one thing about Revit 2013 that I love above all the others - View Templates.

They are now truly powerful and useful, and they should improve our project management and documentation consistency.  And by 'our' I mean all Revit users.  If you haven't picked up on it yet, there is a difference between 'Assigning' a View Template, and 'Applying' one:
Assigning - creates a link between the View and the View Template definition (when you change the Template, all views with that template assigned update to match the template)
Applying - is a one-off, drive-by application of the template settings to the view.  No link is created.

The key step in Assigning a View Template is clicking on the View Template property of the view (see image below)

You can read more at:
Assigning a View Template - WikiHelp

Even more powerful is the fact that you can create Types from all the different kinds of views - even Floor Plans can now have multiple Types.  You can watch a video on this at:
View Type Creation - WikiHelp

There is a bit of a bug in Revit 2013 at the moment when trying to apply the settings from one View to another - you can't press OK to get out of the dialog!  I expect this will be fixed in an upcoming Web Update for Revit 2013.

Revit Knowz also loves View Templates:
Features I love:
- Hide at scales coarser than
- Re-align origin
- Propegate Extents
- Apply Default view template 

Revit Knowz: Features I love

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