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Monday, April 2, 2012

Revit 2013 Direct Download Links

Here is how you can download Revit 2013 using Firefox with Downthemall, and without having to Register or Login or use Akamai:
  1. Install Firefox and Downthemall
  2. Open Firefox, hit 'Alt' - Tools - Downthemall Tools - Manager
  3. Hit the Plus sign
  4. Paste the link you want from the list below into the 'Download' field
  5. Put http://trial.autodesk.com/ in the 'Referring page' field
    ("Referring URL" in other download managers)
  6. Set your download location in 'Save Files in'
  7. Hit Start!

Links to copy / paste into download manager:

Revit 2013 - combined

Revit 2013 - LT

Revit 2013 - Architecture

Revit 2013 - Structure

Revit 2013 - MEP

NOTE 1 - Autodesk has kinda given approval to using your own download manager before.

NOTE 2 - You could also use Flashget and manually set the referrer

EDIT - Other Autodesk product links (use referrer shown above)

AutoCAD 2013 - vanilla


  1. more simple way...

    try Internet Download Manager
    "add batch download from clipboard" and u are ready

  2. Hey thx, works really fine :D

    Do you might able to tell, what is the direct link for Autocad Architecture 2013 trial? I wasn't able to figure it out :/

  3. Hi! So are you still using AutoCad? Does it has the same Revit LT System Requirements?

  4. I'm asking if anyone knows how to show the local file path on the revit file interface (like autocad).....is there a way?

  5. Thanx for quick reply, i've a new question now,..
    In reflected ceiling view; when tagging all, ceiling tags go above each other and out of room borders or ceiling borders, so i have to go again for each clg to match its tag or move it above the clg....so time doubled..
    So; Is there a way (or a clg family) that when tagging all the ceiling tag comes just above the clg centered and not out the borders....especially when there's more than 1 clg in a room and the plan is too large with too many rooms...so it's a misery doinh by one....
    So is there any way 4 making that,..or an option for the clg tag to adjust????

  6. There's a great book for practice test study for Autodesk Revit 2013 you can find it on www.revitexamtrainer.com. The book is less than $20 for a limited time, has 540 practice questions. Great for Revit students and BIM Managers.

  7. another method u have INTERNET DOWNLOAD MANAGER (IDM)
    copy the link address
    and past it add URL in IDM

    I THINK IT would help u