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Friday, April 20, 2012

Never ever ever Rename Workset1

I just became aware of an issue that I wanted to pass on to you all right away.  Workset1 is special.  It should never be renamed, because it can lead to fairly serious problems down the track, including the This action has caused deletion of non-editable workset: issue.

So you should make it part of your Revit standard that no one can rename Workset1 - ever.

As usual, this is something that Steve already knew, and already told us.  Thanks Steve!

One other habit I have is to never rename Workset 1 because Revit won't let us delete it. It's the "original" workset and Revit just doesn't let us delete it.
Revit OpEd: Delete a Workset's Contents?

An old discussion on AUGI also touches on the issue:
2009-04-16, 12:27 PM
I just followed Shruti's instructions and got the same error. For me it says I am deleting "non-editable Workset 'Workset1' " Any other ideas?


  1. I've been renaming Workset 1 for years and have never come across this. This is on well over 100 projects. Either my projects are incredibly lucky not to come across this or its just a myth.

  2. Interesting - you should talk to Tim Waldock (RevitCat He has been renaming Workset1 for years too ... but not with the same success that you have had.

  3. If someone should come across this post more recently, I believe that Autodesk may have addressed this issue. In Revit 2015, upon creating a new Workshared model, the Project Base Point and Survey Point are assigned to the Project Info workset. I'm under the impression that it's now OK to rename or delete Workset1. I have done so on a few projects with no adverse effects.