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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Using RDB Link to Tag Wall Volume

Revit doesn't let you tag Wall Volume by default, so Avisotskiy puts RDBLink to good use - he uses Microsoft Access to update a Shared Parameter with the wall Volume data, and then simply uses a tag to grab the manually updated and manually created Volume data.

This is not a 'live' link, but it shouldn't take too long to round trip the project to update the Volume information prior to document transmission or printing.

From his blog:
Revit does not allow to directly make a mark in the volume of the object.
4. Unload in Access, using the Query Designer update the "_Obem", taking data from the parameter "Volume".

Image from http://avisotskiy.blogspot.com.au/
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  1. Hi Luke, Whitefeet tools does it without DB. Worth a look if you don't mind. I will expand this on RFO soon. Best, Julien

  2. Here is what I was talking about.


    BTW, I love your blog!!