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Friday, March 9, 2012

Real Revit users have good manners like @davewlight and @Twiceroadsfool

Interesting little Twitter exchange between Aaron Maller and David Light shows that we don't need to be rude to exchange our Revit-opinions:

@Twiceroadsfool hey just read ya post on a certain site, certainly not offended, u make valid points, it's obviously a big headache 4 u ;-(

@davewlight Its a part of life. But i didnt realize the way i phrased that sentence. Was totally sincere, not snarky. Hehe! All good =)

@twiceroadsfool Really no apology needed mate! I value #revit passion! :)

@davewlight Its come to my attention i might have a reputation for bluntness, so i have to be sure! =)

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