Thursday, June 30, 2011

Revit 2012 Web Update 1 - What did it Fix?

 To quote Kathryn Langan's comment over at the Revit Clinic:
...the Update Enhancement List PDF that is typically provided is still being reviewed. It will be posted to the download pages once it is complete.

But what do we know right now?  At least two things have been fixed:

Mass Transparency fixed -
the Disappearing Act no longer works after Web Update 1 (which is a good thing!)

Point Cloud placement fixed -

EDIT:  Update enhancement lists are now available (2011-07-10)

For a list of improvements, please download the Autodesk® Revit® Architecture 2012 Update Enhancement List:
      Update Enhancement List (pdf - 182Kb)
Note: Build Number can be found in the Update Enhancement List

Other flavours


What about you?  Have you noticed any improvements?  Feel free to comment.

Also, can anyone explain why Update 1 does not show up on the Updates page over at Revit Support?  It only shows up under Product Download...

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

RevitLink - New Revit resource

This is a new Revit site that may prove very useful to you, whether you are a veteran or just starting out.  It includes Links, News, Resources and Tutorials.

The look and feel of the site is quite nice.  It is easy to navigate and looks slick.

From their webpage:
RevitLink is a source for all things related to Autodesk Revit Architecture. We offer the latest Revit news, free Revit tutorials, Revit resources, as well as useful links to other websites.

If you want to subscribe to their RSS, you can check out:

Maximise your Investment in BIM Across the Project Lifecycle with Autodesk Building Design Suite Premium

You are invited to join a complimentary Webinar, Maximise Your Investment in BIM Across the Project Lifecycle with Autodesk® Building Design Suite Premium. This informative presentation will show you how Revit® software enables cross-discipline project collaboration, helping to minimise design coordination errors.

You'll also discover how to use a variety of analysis tools to leverage information that is inherent to your design model so you can optimise the potential of your building project. And you'll see how to produce highly detailed construction documentation through a variety of products offered within Autodesk Building Design Suite Premium.

Link to register below:
Maximise your Investment in BIM Across the Project Lifecycle with Autodesk Building Design Suite Premium

text above quoted via Autodesk

Revit Conceptual Massing on a REAL Project (via Revit Futures)

At RTCUSA 2011, Kelly Cone presented on the subject Revit Conceptual Massing on a REAL Project.

He has uploaded related content and linked to it from his blog.

about 700 mb of content here

via Kelly Cone at
Revit Futures: Revit Technology Conference NA2011

eTransmit for Revit 2012

New free tool available on Labs for Revit!  It basically allows you to bundle up a project for easy transmission to another party.

Here is the description from the Labs page:
eTransmit for Revit is a technology preview of an add-in application for Autodesk® Revit® Architecture 2012, Autodesk® Revit® Structure 2012, and Autodesk® Revit® MEP 2012 software.

For best results, installing Revit 2012 Web Update 1 is recommended. // more

With eTransmit for Revit, you can:

Copy and detach a Revit model and associated files to a single folder for internet transmission. This removes the typical error messages when you copy central files using the operating system.

Locate dependent files automatically and include them in the transmittal folder, reducing the possibility of error. All dependent files are automatically converted to use relative paths to ensure that the dependent files can be located by the model.

Choose to include related dependent files such as linked Revit models, CAD files, DWF markups, decal images, and external keynote files. You can transmit any Revit (.rvt) model that has been upgraded to Revit Release 2012.

Transmit models that are using file-based worksharing or server-based worksharing. eTransmit for Revit will also work with non-workshared Revit models.

Some of the new features in Revit 2012 start to fit into place now (such as the ability to Import Linked CAD files).

Here is the link again:
Autodesk Labs Utilities eTransmit for Revit

And here is some more info from the Labs page.

menu View the eTransmit dialog box.
Download the known issues document (PDF).

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Revit 2012 Service Pack Web Update 1 download links

Revit Architecture 2012

Revit MEP 2012

Revit Structure 2012

These links seem to be for 64-bit versions.

via this post at
REvit 2012 Service Pack 1 out? - Page 3:

Blogger mobile templates for Blogspot blogs

Some of you may be interested in a fairly recent option available to Blogger users:

You can turn it on simply by accessing Blogger > Settings > Email & Mobile > Mobile Template

There is also a 'Preview' button that gives you an idea of what the mobile version of your blog will look like.

Community-powered support for Autodesk Seek and Revit

There is a GetSatisfaction page for Autodesk Seek at this link.  What is GetSatisfaction?  it "is a simple way to build online communities that enable productive conversations between companies and their customers."

There is a specific page for Seek related Revit topics here.

From the main GetSatisfaction page, you can search for products or companies that have related support pages.

Community-powered support for Autodesk Seek

Monday, June 27, 2011

AutoCAD 2012 Hotfix solving Block Editor Save Corruption

link to download

"What might happen is that the complete drawing is replaced with the edited block."
JTB World Blog: AutoCAD 2012 Hotfix solving Block Editor Save Corruption

ElumTools Add-in lighting software for Autodesk Revit

ElumTools is a calculation Add-in used to predict the performance of electric lighting systems within the Autodesk Revit Architecture or MEP software.

Revit MEP: ElumTools - The first fully-integrated Add-in lighting software for Autodesk Revit:

Image from Revit MEP blog

Friday, June 24, 2011

White Space character as Dimension Override

Here is slightly nasty, anti-BIM trick: 

If you are trying to override a dimension in Revit with a different dimension, it can be a pain.  Yes, you can mess with the 'rounding' to try and get it right, or you can override with a decimal point, but what if you just want to show something that is totally different to the actual dimension without having a little dot floating around?

  1. Open up the 'Character Map' (Start - Accessories - System Tools - Character Map).  
  2. Scroll down until you see a bunch of blank boxes
  3. Copy one of the blank characters using the buttons at the bottom of the dialog.

  4. Go to Revit.
  5. Double click on the dimension you want to change.
  6. Paste the white space character into the 'Replace with text' box.
  7. Type the dimension you want in the 'Above:' part
  8. Drag the dimension into the correct location.

Like I said, this isn't really 'Best Practice'.  Use this workaround with care!

Revit for Planning RTC USA files for download



Thanks to:
Fear and Loathing In a CAD vs. BIM World: RTC USA Me Part 1: Ah, Whats The Program Doc? Revit for Planning

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Revit Mindset and What Revit Wants

What is the Revit Mindset? Great question! I have been telling everyone I taught Revit to for years that it’s the ability to clear your mind of any preconceived “knowledge” or “understanding” of Revit and then layout a plan of attack before even beginning a project. You could spend an entire day simply planning out your direction and needs for the project. I assure you it will payoff in the days, weeks, or months to come.

quote from Adam Thomas at:
The Revit Mindset | ArchDesignLabs:

I personally agree with the concept of 'planning out your direction and needs' - it can make a big difference to give it some thought before getting too stuck into a Revit project.

Aggregation of the Revit Nation

There is huge amounts of data available to Revit users.  Some of you may already be aware of the portal slash blog directory slash aggregator site that I have set up at

Don Rudder has recently created a about Revit (and RTC) at

Then there is the Revit Hate site that I have posted about previously, but happily there is also a Revit Love site that you can check out.  These sites bring together comments from Twitter and Facebook for easy reading.

Do you use a different Revit Portal or aggregator site?  Feel free to comment.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Revit IS a database

Some cool ideas from the June 2011 issue of AUGIWorld, article entitled 'Revit, in a Database' by Paul Crickard:

Once a Revit model has been exported to a database, the things
that can now be done with it are limited only by your imagination.
Build web-based or stand-alone front ends to access and modify
your model—without knowledge of the Revit API. Bring existing
data into a database and join it with the Revit model.

In this article he discusses some of the potential connections between MS Access and MS Excel, and the benefits of such interoperability.

I have posted numerous times about how to view the Revit database using various methods.  To start with, perhaps you would be interested in this post:
What Revit Wants: HOW-TO View the Revit Database (2011 Secret #14)

And, yeah, I twisted the title of this post a little bit :-)

Enabling verbose logging for installation issues in Revit

You are experiencing problems with the installation of an Autodesk product, and you want to enable verbose logging in order to troubleshoot the issue or submit the log files to the Autodesk Product Support Team.
You can configure the Microsoft Installer (MSI) to turn on verbose logging for this installation. Follow these steps:
  1. Click Start menu (Windows) > Run.
  2. In the Run dialog box, enter regedit and click OK.
  3. In the Registry Editor, browse to the following folder:


    Note: Windows 7 does not include this key and you will need to manually add the Installer key to the registry. Right-click on the Windows subkey and choose New > Key and then rename New Key #1 to Installer.
  4. Right-click an empty area in the right pane. Click New > String Value.
  5. Enter Logging for the name.
  6. Double-click Logging.
  7. Enter voicewarmup in the Value Data box and click OK.
  8. Close the Registry Editor, and run the installation again.
The log files created using this method are located in the %TEMP% folder and are named MSI#####.log, where ##### is a 5-digit number.

Read more
Autodesk - Autodesk Revit Architecture Services & Support - Enabling verbose logging for installation issues

Revit 2012 has Improved Section Tag Modification Workflow

This is a subtle change that you may have missed.  In Revit 2011, we had to access the 'Section Tag' properties through the Manage tab on the Ribbon (which was a bit annoying).

However, in Revit 2012 we can access the Section Tag properties directly from the properties of any Section that we have selected!  See images below:

The old way

Click on the 'dots' to access the Section Tag properties

This definitely allows for an improved workflow.  It is a faster and more intuitive way to change the properties of Section Tags.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Repurposing the Autodesk USB Media

You have received one of the Autodesk Suites, installed it, and you want to use the USB key for some other purpose.

It is not immediately obvious that this is possible.  There is some very decent write protection in play here - you can't delete the partitions in Windows or Linux, you can't format in Safe Mode, you can't even use low level format tools or the HP USB Format tool.

You have to go deeper.  Continue at your own risk... (below the bars)

NOTE:  When reading the Comments, you may have to press "load more" at the very end of the page to see the most recent ones.

Recent anonymous comment refers to a pin mod that may save bricked drives, screenshot included here:
Circuit diagram here

EDIT 11 - 64gb Education Master Suite
From the comments:
  • MPALL_F1_7F00_DL17_v363_0C / Phison MPALL v3.63.0C-DL17
  • Start it, put your usb stick into your USB 3.0 port.
  • Click update, then settings.
  • Choose advance settings and load the ini file, the same that Mike created.
  • Click save, and ok on a pop-up window.
  • Close settings window by clicking on "x".
  • Click start, the process lasts for about a minute and it's doneWARNINGS There is some evidence of newer drives being bricked.
 Some things you shouldn't do:
  • Do not use the on the latest 2014 version TOSHIBA USB 3.0 with the 2251-03
  • Do not try to force a certain BIN file onto the drives firmware using MPALL  
EDIT 10 - 2014 drives
Solved by Mike in the comments.  He also provides a link to download the proper version, at:

Mike's steps:
I used Phison MPALL v3.63.00.. not the 3.63.0C or the 3.63.0c-DL17

Plug into a usb3.0 port.. this is critical. YOU MUST USE USB3

Copy the contents between the ===== to a new file named 2014_2251-03.ini

IC Type=PS2251-03
[Parameter Mark]
Parameter Type=F1_MP_21
[Customize Info]
USB VID=0x0930
USB PID=0x1400
String Product Name=USB DISK 3.0
String Manufacturer Name=TOSHIBA
Inquiry Version=PMAP
Reset Serial Number=0
Do Preformat Test=1
Volume Label=USB DISK
Burner Erase All=1
Wafer Erase All=1

Open MPALL_F1_0702_V363_00.exe

Click Update

Click Setting, select "Advanced Setting" then press OK

Click the load button and select the 2014_2251-03.ini file you created earlier.

Click Save, press OK
close the settings window

Click Start...

EDIT 9 - 3 step process for 2013

This may seem a bit long winded, but I think it might be a good way for 2013 media kit:
  1. Run MPALL 363 c (as per settings below) (make sure its revision C)
  2. Run Silicon Power Formatter
  3. Format using Windows
You can try this process in MPALL (step 1 above):
Recieved Brand New USB's For Autodesk Design Suite 2013 Premium
IC version 2251-67

This is how i reformatted them
Download MPALL_F1_9000_v363_00 and MPALL_F1_9000_v363_0C

Run Getinfo
open MPALL_F1_9000_v363_00

Click Update
In Advanced settings
set Controller to PS2251-67 and FC1-FC2 to 01
In Firmware tick 'Do ISP' 'Erase Code Block' and 'Auto ISP'
In Partition Seeting Tab
Set Number of Partition to 1
Save and Press Start
This will Fail

Close MPALL_F1_9000_v363_00
run getinfo in MPALL_F1_9000_v363_0C folder
and open MPALL_F1_9000_v363_0C

Update again
go into advanced settings
set Controller to PS2251-62 and FC1-FC2 to 01
Untick all boxes in firmware

In Flash Settings Tab Check
Auto Detect
Erase Flash

In Partition Setting Tab
set 'No of Partitions to 1'

save and press start

EDIT 8 - For 2013 media (Thanks Peter in the Comments)I tried Formatter_SiliconPower - fail.  UFD Recover Tool - Fail.
Edit MP.ini and paste the following:
IC Type=PS2251-67
[Parameter Mark]
Parameter Type=F1_MP_21
[Customize Info]
USB PID=0x4100
String Product Name=USB DISK 2.0
Inquiry Version=PMAP
Reset Serial Number=0
Do Preformat Test=1
Volume Label=USB DISK
Burner Erase All=1
Wafer Erase All=1
Open  MPALL_F1_0702_v363_00.exe
Tick MP.ini
Click Update
Click Start
*Should work*

However, I was getting IDBLK version check error.  I think maybe I had broken my drive using the Formatter tools.  Tried a lot of different settings but this drive is looking very dead.  Will update if I find a way to fix it.
Using GetInfo
Firmware date 2012-11-29
MP Ver. MP v255.FF.FF
MPALLs can be obtained:

EDIT 7 - For PS2251-67 (From Ryan Ruta in the Comments)
I found a solution for the latest drive that I received with the PS2251-67 Controller.
1. Download the file from this link... and extract it to your drive.
2. Plug in your USB drive.
3. Run the format tool from the download.
4. Unplug your USB drive and plug it back in.
5. Format the drive using the Windows format tool (or other tool of your choice) as NTFS.

EDIT - 5 From the comments, for DaneElec zMate USB 32 GB:
Inside my USB Drive (also named DaneElec zMate USB 32 GB) I found a controller SM3254Q AE, produced by SMI. I used smi_mptool_v2.03.34_v7_j1118_3254ae and now it works.
The software I downloaded from site:
Direct URL:

1. Run sm32Xtest.exe.
2. Press "Scan USB" button.
3. Press "Start" button.
After few minutes the device is ready to use.

EDIT 6 - for Autodesk Product Design Suite Ultimate 2013
The installation USB flash memory (key, dongle) used for distribution of Autodesk Design Suites is a read-only device and cannot be overwritten or formatted with standard methods.
If you want to "misuse" this USB memory to store your data you can "hack" it with internal reformatting, make it a standard R/W device.
E.g. Autodesk Product Design Suite Ultimate 2013 uses the USB key of the type "DaneElec zMate Aero" (blue) - see Dane-Elec - with the controller SM3254Q AE.
To overwrite this USB key you can use the utility SMI ReFixInfo. This tool can be downloaded here (file MI_ReFixInfo_1_0_0_1.7z).
Start the downloaded EXE and click "Reset Write Protect", W.P select Un-Write Protect. Then click Start.
Be warned! Make sure you have a backup copy of your original installation files. This procedure may lead to a damage of your USB key and is completely unsupported.
(by P.Hrazdil)
via CAD Forum - How to re-format the Autodesk instalation USB key?

I dismantled a spare USB key that we had received for Building Design Suite Premium.  This wasn't such an easy thing to do...but hopefully you won't have to, now that I have done it for you!

I already knew that it was ostensibly a Toshiba flash drive, code PA3708, 32 gb (have a look on the case of yours, see if it is the same).

However, what I really needed to know was the IC, or controller chip brand / make / model.  Dismantling the key told me it was a:
PHISON 2251-60-5

Ok, from here I found this page, which led me to download the Phison MPALL utility bundle.  You will need to download it too:

Read on below the bars...

Also, if you're looking for a flash drive or an external drive, try looking here with coupons

EDIT-1  You may be able to find updated versions of MPALL via  Google Search.  I am unsure what the copyright / usage license situation is with this program  (deleted some links).

EDIT-2 Some people (in 2012) have had more success using USB Flash Tools (v2.10) instead of the workflow with MPALL.  After downloading this program, there is an 'Erase' option that may work ... try it and post your results in the comments.  Read more at USB Flash Tools

EDIT-3 Others seem to have had success with Silicon Power Formatter, or preformat.exe 

EDIT-4  You may want to try Formatter first - Craig at iRevit has hosted the and tested it (May 2012)

From here, it was a bit of trial and error.  This is how you do it:
  1. First of all, open GetInfo.exe
    Put in your drive letter and click 'Read'.  You should be able to get an output that looks something like this:
  2.  Next, open MPALL_F1_9000_v320_0B.exe
  3. Click 'Update'.  Your drive should show up here.
  4. Click 'Setting'
  5. Choose 'Advanced Setting' and 'New Setting' and OK.
  6. The controller that I had to choose was the PS2251-90 (which is a bit weird, because the chip said it was a 2251-60, but that didn't work).  So, anyway, here are the settings I chose:
  7. Controller = PS2251-90
  8. FC1-FC2 = 01
  9. Go to next tab - Flash Setting
  10. I think leave the defaults but tick the 'Erase Flash'
  11. Next tab - Partition Setting
  12. No. of partition = 1
  13. Choose 'Removable Disk'
  14. And once you are done, click 'Save'
  15. Then you should be able to click 'Start' and away you go!  You should see some formatting happen, then you will have to remove the drive and plug it in again...then you should have a nice 32 gb USB drive to use.
EDIT:  For the 16 gb USB, try using -60 controller setting.

 Note - the settings are saved in the MP.INI file.  Here is what my MP.INI file looked like:

IC Type=PS2251-90
[Parameter Mark]
Parameter Type=F1_MP_21
[Customize Info]
USB PID=0x3D00
String Product Name=USB DISK 2.0
Inquiry Version=PMAP
Reset Serial Number=0
Do Preformat Test=1
Volume Label=USB DISK
Burner Erase All=1
Wafer Erase All=1

You can check and see if yours looks similar, or even load these settings and try them.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS PROCEDURE MAY COMPLETELY BRICK OR DESTROY YOUR USB DRIVE.  Make sure you have a backup of the software if you are going to attempt this.

So, how did you go?  Do you feel pretty good about yourself?  Really, that USB key would eventually become redundant, so we are making an environmentally wise choice by recycling it, aren't we?

Download Elevatorarchitect for Autodesk Revit

If you haven't heard yet, there is a free add-in for Revit that helps with the modelling of Elevators.

Feel free to post your experiences in the Comments section!

Download Elevatorarchitect for Autodesk Revit

Download Revit Families

"new Download Section is now available on"

RevitForum Blog: Download Revit Families:

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Print Multiple Files At Once With Drag And Drop

To do this in Windows 7, open up the printer from the Devices and Printers option on the Start menu (or search for your printer by name). Drag the relevant files onto the printer window, and you’ll see a dialog box asking if you want to print multiple files. Click ‘Yes’ and they’ll all be opened and printed in their entirety, with the default settings.

Print Multiple Files At Once With Drag And Drop | Lifehacker Australia:

Partition Manager Freeware for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 32 bit & 64 bit

If you are looking to do some partition editing or management, I have used EASEUS Partition Master in the past.  The Home Edition is Free.

From their website:
EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition is a FREE ALL-IN-ONE partition solution and disk management utility. It allows you to extend partition (especially for system drive), manage disk space easily, settle low disk space problem on MBR and GUID partition table (GPT) disk under Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7 (SP1 included) 32 bit and 64 bit system.

link to Home / Personal edition here:

How to properly find and recover a central file in Revit

To properly recover a Revit file you will need to do the following: 
(steps at link below)
How to properly find and recover a central file in Revit - IMAGINiT Technologies Support Blog

Simulating Water Plan in Shaded Mode - WikiHelp

Simulating Water Plan in Shaded Mode - WikiHelp

There is a link to  a PDF file at this page.  Essentially, it directs you to turn off  the 'Ground Plane at Level' property...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Quote from DebunkTheBIM

Let me make a wild guess: Autodesk intends to fade out ‘AutoCAD’, ‘Revit’ and even the ‘BIM’ brands and will aggressively market the box (solution) approach. The various elements will turn into tools in the box, stripped off their current personalities, emphasis will be on utility.

Direct quote from:
DebunkTheBIM: Autodesk is investing in a new acronym: ABDS:

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Download the ANZRS pack - Revit Family Compliance

The first digital public release of the Australian and New Zealand Revit Standards focuses on Content Creation and Management – specifically, Revit families.

The document pack is now available for download.

Download the ANZRS pack | Australian & New Zealand Revit Standards

My top 4 reasons for you to attend the Revit Technology Conference RTCUSA

I attended RTCAUS (the Revit Technology Conference Australasia) about 3 weeks ago, so I can write with a certain level of confidence in regard to the RTC 2011 team and the general level of quality of RTC speakers.

Personally, I really enjoyed the experience.  I found that it was inspiring, challenging, and a great opportunity to connect with the real professionals in our field.

However, let's say you are sitting there, somewhere in the USA (or the world), wondering if you should devote the time and money needed to attend RTCUSA 2011.  Here are my top 4 reasons that you should attend:
  1. To be inspired
    A number of the sessions will really encourage you to think outside the box, and will show what Revit is truly capable of.  Perhaps you won't instantly begin using all of these techniques, but that moment where you go "I didn't know Revit could do that" or "I never thought of doing things that way" is something truly valuable.  It will help to open your mind to future possibilities for you and your firm.  For example, I really enjoyed the sessions Designing in Revit Using Parametric Formulas and Revit's Top Model: Conceptual Massing World - and both of these sessions are also being presented at RTCUSA.
  2. To gain Practical Knowledge and learn Best Practices
    Some of the sessions will be geared towards helping you solve some of the technical issues you have been facing with Revit implementation and Revit use generally.  What I really mean is that you will learn methods that you will be able to implement quite quickly, and thus you will begin to see a direct return on the investment of attending the Conference.  Things like Labs sessions, Case Studies, and other sessions with a very practical focus should provide you with tips, workflows and guidance that you may have been seeking for some time.
  3. To meet The People
    By 'The People' I mean persons from all of the key areas in our industry - including professionals who are using RAC, RST and RMEP on large and interesting projects.  You will be able to meet key Autodesk personnel, resellers, and other people who are probably in the same boat that you are in.  The benefits of such networking should not be minimized.  Could it lead to a partnership that will give your firm a real edge?  Will you connect with someone who will inspire you?  Will it lead to a new and exciting opportunity for you and / or your firm?
  4. For the Free Stuff
    What kind of free stuff?  Well, there are handouts galore, which you will be able to access electronically and ultimately add to your company library.  There is the 'goodie bag' that you will receive when you first arrive - but I won't tell you what you might expect to find in there :-)  There is the food, coffee, drink, cakes and all of that stuff.  And depending on how generous the speakers are...there might even be more...
Don't just say 'No'.  Give it some serious thought.  Have a look at the Schedule.  Go on, have a look...

 To Register and find out more information, click here

uTorrent 3.0 beta with Drop Files to Send

It looks like uTorrent is really coming of age. You can now easily create a torrent to Share large files with other people very quickly and easily - just drag and drop files into the 'Drop files to send' area.

Just make sure you give some consideration to the privacy, copyright and intellectual property implications of doing this (depending on the content you intend to share).

Download link to the current Beta (Release Candidate 5):

Release notes:
uTorrent 3.0 (32-bit) Release Candidate 4 (Page 1) / Announcements / uTorrent Community Forums

Before there was Worksharing Requests, there was...

Architexts - Interoffice Communication

Friday, June 10, 2011

Building Design Suite Premium 2012 Installation Tips

I am currently installing Building Design Suite Premium 2012 from the shiny USB stick we received yesterday.  There are just two quick tips that I wanted to share with you:
  1. If your packaging does not have a Serial Number printed on it, you will need to log in to Subscription Center, go to Contract Administration and then click Coverage Report.  From here you should be able to find your Serial Number.
  2. If you want to use the 'UK Terminology' in Revit Structure (as previously posted about on various blogs), there is an option in the installation - see image below:

My installation took about 50 mins - and I installed every product.  Enjoy!

      Thursday, June 9, 2011

      Using Building Pads Properly - great tips from CAD Addict

      Two tips that I found of particular value:

      " on Graded Surface... If you don't do this first step, you will not get Cut and Fill counts when you create Building Pads."


      "Be sure that first you select the Topography, then click on the Building Pad Button on the Massing & Site Tab. Otherwise, the Pad will be created, but sometimes (I haven't figured out why and how this happens) the Cut and Fill will not be reported on the Topography Schedule."

      Read the whole post:
      CAD addict: Revit: Using Building Pads Properly - Part II

      Free REVIT Multi-Sheet (Placeholder) Creator add-in

      More goodness from Jose Guia, this is an add-in
      "designed to allow you to easily and rapidly create multiple sheets or placeholders inside of your REVIT project." | REVIT Multi-Sheet (Placeholder) Creator

      Direct link to file:

      Revit 2012 Service Pack / Web Update 1 out soon

      I previously posted about a minor error in the Options dialog box (link at end of post).

      After starting a case with Autodesk on this subject, I received a reply that included this statement:

      "The development teams have confirmed this issue and have fixed this in the latest service pack which will be out soon."

      So there you have it...more breaking news from What Revit Wants :-)

      What Revit Wants: Search results for broken link

      Date and Time Stamp for Generic Annotation Families

      Nice trick by Darren Snook on the Revit @ Waterman blog:
      Revit @ Waterman: 'Date & Time Stamp' for Generic Annotation Families

      This bears some similarity to some of the workarounds I have previously posted about:
      What Revit Wants: Copy from Annotation to Model Families

      What Revit Wants: Copy between Project and Family

      Monday, June 6, 2011

      Don't put vasari.exe in Program Folders or ProgramData...see exchange below:

      @davewlight David Light

      Wow, didn't catch this, but don't put #vasari exe in program folders or program data.

      jadamthomas J. Adam Thomas

      @davewlight what happened?

      @davewlight David Light

      RT @jadamthomas @davewlight what happened? I have been getting data corruption & install says not 2 do

      jadamthomas J. Adam Thomas

      @davewlight oh wow! Well thanks for the heads up

      Architectural Detail Finder - DWG files for free download

      At this link:
      Nichiha USA, Inc. - Fiber Cement Building Products.

      How do you feel about Revit?

      Misery really does love company - check out the link below:

      Revit Hate - 31% People Agree (58 opinions) (on 6 June 2011)

      Friday, June 3, 2011

      Purge command in Revit 2012 eliminates Elevation Mass transparency

      In previous versions of Revit, a common workaround to generate some 'depth' in elevation views was to use transparent mass planes.  This created an effect like this:

      Here is what was actually happening behind the scenes:

      However, something has been changed in Revit 2012.  This no longer works properly.  In fact, you CAN open up a 2011 file that has the effect in 2012 - and the effect will remain.  However, if you purge the file, it simply disappears!  See example video of this 'Disappearing Act' and file download link below:

      Example file download link

      The only way I have been able to retrospectively 'add' the effect to 2012 is:
      1. Open a 2011 file that has the effect.
      2. Rename any relevant masses or materials in the 2012 file so that you can cleanly 'paste' the 2011 mass.
      3. Copy one of the mass planes from the 2011 file and paste it into the 2012 file.
      4. This 'might' work for you...
      5. You can't EVER purge this file in 2012, or the effect will break.

      If you want to follow the discussions on this issue, here are some forum links:

      Let me know if you have any comments or workarounds for this.

      Share parametric family information from Inventor to Revit

      using the Autodesk Labs Utilities BIM Family Toolkit.

      By downloading both the Inventor add-in and Revit Add-in you will be able to export the family data directly from Inventor and import it into Revit. You do not need to have both Inventor and Revit on the same machine.

      Go to
      Autodesk Labs Utilities BIM Family Toolkit:

      File Upgrader for Revit 2012

      This plugin can be used to batch upgrade previous versions of Revit files to the Revit 2012 format.

      Autodesk Labs Utilities Plugin of the Month:

      Thursday, June 2, 2011

      Fillet Tool for Revit 2012 - download

      Ever wanted to fillet between 3D edges in Revit?  Some of the limitations of 3D modelling in Revit were discussed at RTCAUS, so I thought I would try a little 'tech demo' of sorts...

      Revit 2012 gives us an opportunity to do some nice things with in-project voids.  Below, you see corners of a Wall, Floor, and Generic Model being filleted and chamfered (chamfer is the word we use in Australia for a 'diagonal' or triangular fillet).

      Basically, I have created two line-based Generic Model families.  These are called:
      Chamfer line based void and solid family D.rfa (the triangular form)

      Fillet line based void and solid family D.rfa (the arc fillet form)

      I then load these into a project.  When placing these families in 3D, if  you place them when two perpendicular planes are highlighted at the same time, you get some nice control.  If you do this, Revit places the item 'on' one plane, and 'aligned' to the other plane.

      These families can do two things to the edge - cut a void, or add a fillet.  You use the 'Flip' Yes / No parameter to get it in the right spot, and the 'addition' Yes / No parameter to choose if you want the item to show the 'fillet' solid part.

      Feel free to download the example and have a play with it.  Sure, there are some limitations to this method, but some of you may find it useful.

      Do you have a more elegant solution to this?  Feel free to comment...

      Presentation Downloads from Excitech

      Heaps of PDF presentations are available at this page. Here are some direct links:

      Revit Architecture Forum (17th May 2011) Event Summary and Presentations 31.8MB

      Revit MEP Forum (18th May 2011) Event Summary and Presentations 29.9MB"

      Revit Structure Forum (12th May 2011) Event Summary and Presentations 19.6MB

      Design Visualisation Forum (11th May 2011) Event Summary and Presentations 5.4MB

      AutoCAD Civil 3D Forum (13th May 2011) Event Summary and Presentations 16.1MB

      Spring User Groups in London:

      New NVIDIA DRIVERS 275.33 WHQL available

      Increases performance for GeForce 400 Series and 500 Series GPUs in several PC games...

      Hopefully (but not definitely) this means it may improve graphic performance in Revit.


      Wednesday, June 1, 2011

      Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper for Offline Scan and Start Unbootable PC

      Microsoft has released a beta version of recovery tool that can help the users to start their infected PC when all other anti-virus solutions fail...

      Download Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper Beta version (1.0.856.0):

      Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper Beta (32 bit): mssstool32.exe
      Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper Beta (64 bit): mssstool64.exe


      Download Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper for Offline Scan and Start Unbootable PC

      Doors for download

      A set of free door families has been made available by Aaron Maller on the Revit Forum. Here is a link to the file.

      Please note that he makes the following disclaimer:

      My personal belief is Door Content is so deeply rooted in particular Office Standards, that they wont be much use to anyone except in deconstruction.

      Forum post:
      Doors for download, Nested Panels and Nested Frames..:

      Labs - Project Photofly 2.0

      Allows anyone with a digital camera to create near accurate 3D models from photographs using the web.

      Autodesk Labs Utilities Project Photofly 2.0: