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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Struggling to keep up with all of the 3D PDF offerings? Read this ...

It looks like 3D PDF technology is starting to 'wake up'.  Another company, Intratech, plans to release a Revit 3D PDF export plugin in January 2012.

This will likely be in direct competition to the Tetra offering.

I have already described a free method of generating 3D PDFs from Revit, and a method that allows DWFs to be a converted to 3D PDFs.

Another commercial option is SimLab Composer.  From Revit, you export a FBX or DWG file, and then use SimLab Composer to turn the exported file into a 3D PDF.

Intratech 3D Consulting Corp. - EAGLE 3D PDF 익스포터
Google Translated link

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