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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Python Tools for Visual Studio Download (and RevitPythonShell ?)

Another major addition to 1.1 includes the addition of two additional sample libraries available as separate downloads: PyKinect for working with the Kinect Beta SDK and Pyvot for working with Excel spreadsheets...

Python Tools for Visual Studio - Download: 1.1 Beta 1

Here is a question for you:

How will the new Python Tools allow further interaction with Revit via revitpythonshell?

EDIT - added links to buildz post with 2012 installers etc.  Also embedded extra Youtube video.


Download some starter samples from here (via buildz)

Link to the Google Project:
revitpythonshell - An IronPython plugin for Autodesk Revit Architecture 2010 - Google Project Hosting

Link to a revitpythonshell install guide:
Installing IronPython with Vasari (The Proving Ground)

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