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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Great power user tip from All In the Family

I recently viewed the class All In the Family: Creating Parametric Components In
Autodesk® Revit® (Matt Dillon) AB4013
, on AU Virtual.

It was a class targeted at users with Intermediate expertise.

I learned this:
The Left hand side of a Reference Plane is the 'positive' + side.  The 'handedness' of the plane is derived from start and end points of plane (the start point of the reference plane is the first point you click when drawing a new reference plane).

When you set a particular workplane as active, and use the default positive extrusion depth, the extrusion will be created on the positive side of the plane.

I have attempted to display this effect in the image below:

I'm sure this has been described elsewhere, but it was a eye-opener for me!


  1. Positive and negative are true for reference planes we create. Stock reference planes in a template behave opposite... go figure. From March 2006 "Once Upon a Reference Plane"


  2. Steve, when I said "I'm sure this has been described elsewhere", I was thinking of you :-)
    Thanks for the clarification. And here is a live link to your post.
    Revit OpEd: Once Upon a Reference Plane