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Monday, December 5, 2011

Anti Revit Twitter feed ?

Just as being overly positive about Revit leads to inflated expectations, if you are overly negative about it eventually people will realize you were wrong - and then your credibility will be in question.  Here are a few tweets from @RevitFacts - can you tell me if this is a good tweeter to follow, or perhaps someone with a particular bias?

FACT: #Revit has no Drag & Drop capability for external content like #ArchiCAD

Did you know RAM requirements are still 20 times model file size!

Did you know there is A LOT of customizing required (e.g Tags for Walls, Doors, Windows) compare to other #CAD softwares.

Revit is not compatable with #MAC :(.

Revit Facts (revitfacts) on Twitter

I guess these statements are true, in some ways - but I think RevitFacts may perhaps be trying to make us switch to ArchiCAD :-)


  1. As my old High School Physics teacher used to say: Someone has to make my whopper.

  2. Burger flipper with thoughts on CAD software? yeh cause burgers are rather hard to design these days!