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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Show me a tablet PC without its head in the cloud

I'm waiting for a tablet PC that can run Revit - without its head in the cloud.  In other words, I want it to be powerful in its own right.  I don't want to have to rely on someone else's processor to do my work for me.  And I want a decent amount of storage on-board. 

Currently, there are only a couple of Tablet PCs that I would even consider buying:
I'm particularly interested in these two tablets because I like both brands - I own a Samsung LCD TV, which is beautiful, and my ASUS laptop has been very reliable and capable.  Both of these tablets run Intel Core i5 processors and can have 4 GB of RAM.

If you didn't know already, I am NOT an Apple guy - I have no iPhone, iPod or iPad.  Nor do I have any plans to purchase any of these devices.  I don't care to elaborate (maybe in another post), but I'm just not interested in joining the masses in this particular instance.

With regard to tablet PCs in general - I know that things will improve next year, with Windows 8 and cheaper, more powerful Tablet tech.  So I may wait for a while before making a final decision.

Do you have any tips or advice?  Feel free to comment.

CNET links for the above two tablets:

Samsung - CNET



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  1. I purchased an ASUS UX21 Zenbook (Ultrabook laptop) several weeks ago and it suprises me what it is capable of despite it's small size. It is essentially a showcase of how technology is converging, and perhaps one of the last steps for the windows OS laptop before tablets take the torch.