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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Convert DWF to DWG using free tools

These steps helped me to leverage some data from a DWF file and convert it into vector data I could use in a DWG file:
  1. Open DWF in Design Review
  2. Print to PDF using CutePDF (this worked for me)
  3. Open resulting PDF in Gsview (see this link)
  4. Edit - Convert to vector format - dxf
  5. Open DXF in AutoCAD or DWG Trueview
  6. Save as DWG file
Hope this works for you.


  1. is it possible for 3d dwf?

  2. Thanx, it works :)

  3. This is not a 'conversion' from dwf to dxf, it is a 'translation' and an ugly one. dwf is accurate with vector representaions, yet pdf 'printed' from most applications butchers the information.

    Check out small details, especially curves....