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Monday, October 31, 2011

How do you Remove Paint in Revit 2012?

In previous versions of Revit, you could 're-paint' surfaces using the By Category material.

However, this is not available in Revit 2012.

Instead, you need to use the drop-down arrow associated with the Paint tool - this will reveal the 'Remove Paint' button (see image below).

Also, note that I have moved the Modify ribbon panel to be next to the Home panel.  Do you know how to do this?

Just hold Ctrl and click and drag the Ribbon Panel title to put it where you want it...


  1. Someone has painted every wall white. Is there a way to globally remove all painted walls surfaces, basically revert back to 'by category'. It takes to long to click every surface. I have tried to edit type, but since they were painted it wont let me use that method anymore. Please help. Thanks

  2. Just delete the actual material (in your case, white paint) that has been painted on from that projects Material Library. I tested this in Revit 2012 and Revit 2013.

  3. How do you select an existing painted surface? Using Tab selects everything but the painted surface.

    1. Start the Paint tool first? This should allow you to paint over an existing painted surface.