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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Revit on a Mac via Remote Desktop

Another option to add to the Parallels / Bootcamp debate:
  1. Install the Remote Desktop Client on your Mac
  2. Log into a PC that has Revit installed
  3. Use Revit

Download link:
Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac 2.1.1


  1. At my office we have a couple of people on MAC's that try this remote desktop, to run revit among other things. It works pretty well. The only issues they seem to have is that the MAC remote desktop doesn't quite create a big enough window for them, but if they use the remote desktop from their bootcamp installation of windows they get a much bigger window to use revit in.

  2. From @seandburke
    @lukeyjohnson do it all the time. Uses a lot less local resources.

  3. Matthew - maybe you could tweet @seandburke and see if he has any advice for you? If you get some helpful info, feel free to post it as a comment here.

  4. You can choose full screen from the view menu.

  5. I'm using RDP to run revit on my mac, but the revit screen is black. It is very similar to old school CAD. Any thoughts on why?