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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Free Revit add-ins, get your free Revit add-ins...

It is hard to keep up with all the free add-ins and associated utilities that are available for Revit.  Here is a partial list:

--ADDED 6 JULY 2011--
Excitech Revit Toolkit

Charlotte's Revit User Group Tools

Autodesk Labs Utilities eTransmit for Revit

Revit SDK (includes samples)

blog.bimkicks.com | REVIT Multi-Sheet (Placeholder) Creator

blog.bimkicks.com | Revit Journal Analysis and Parsing Program (Rank Keyboard Shortcut Use)

Emc2 Keynote Manager

blog.bimkicks.com | REVIT COMMAND PROMPT

IMAGINiT Free Room Renumber, Change Case, Space Update and GridSelect

GetLevel - What Level is that on?

ElumTools Beta - Lighting Analysts, Inc.

Save All Families in a Project to RFAs and Folders AUTOMATICALLY (pre-2012)

RevitLookup - View the Revit Database

RevitTV.com (Free - Shared Parameter Manager, Keynote Manager, RTV Paint)

Maybe someone (WikiHelp, AUGI, Revit Forum, RevitLink) should create and maintain a current list of the free add-ins.  Is anyone volunteering?

Here is a similar list from 2009:
Fear and Loathing In a CAD vs. BIM World: Current (?) Revit Tools and Addons

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  1. @davewlight David Light
    @lukeyjohnson another one to add to your list...http://bit.ly/e0TLrP

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