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Friday, March 4, 2011

Priority of Visibility Overrides in Revit

A great list showing the Visibility/Graphics priority, thanks to Revit Fix.  From most powerful to least powerful:
  1. Line Work Tool
  2. Override graphics in view by elements
  3. Filters
  4. View Depth -Beyond system line type (plan views only)
  5. Phasing graphic overrides
  6. Advanced model graphics – silhouette edges.
  7. Visibility / Graphic overrides – Halftone
  8. Visibility / Graphic overrides – Override host layers (Cut line styles)
  9. Visibility / Graphic overrides - (projection & cut lines)
  10. Project object styles

Revit Fix: Battle of the “line” overrides


  1. As per the Revit Fix post:
    Design options – to use the line work tool or override graphics in view by elements on items in design options, you must be in edit mode in the design option.

  2. pipe systems is taking priority over visibility graphics. I need my pipe down symbol to not be blocked out by the spaces in the vertical pipe.