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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Information Overload! Revit 2012 - witty plug-in?

Revit 2012 information is giving me a bit of a headache...

This is how one guy responded to my recent post about Revit 2012:

If this is a real list of the most significant im provements... it looks like the description of some useful features of some witty plug-in.... why they do not work on the main part of the software....??!! I pay two subscriptions for this? Hopefully the real release will reserve us something more.... 

What do you think?


  1. from matrix: enhanced shortcuts.
    really enhanced or just fixed )

  2. a simple fence stretch tool would be nice. No need to test for that.
    commands that remember modes...no need to test for that.
    double clicking or some other interface that does not require ten zillion mouse clicks to edit a shape...no need to modify.
    I agree with "witty plug-in" work on the main part of the software...since it looks like autodesk's marketing prowess will once again hurl bad software on the masses.

  3. It seems that some people may have to learn to code great software. This reminds me of fat unfit beer drinking louts yelling at a telelevision in a 'sports bar' telling the players how crap they are....

    I can't wait for the 2012 enhancements. I have been waiting for a few of these and will continue to post on wish-lists for the things I want to work better.

  4. Tim West said...


    Every release people *****, whinge and moan, yet keep using the software so they can do the same next year. Personally, I intend to focus on the changes, how they affect me, which ones are missing so I can suggest them for next years release.

    Suggestion to many.... Spend less time on the negative, and more time on the positive... Revit is great, not perfect (else there would be no more updates) just great. If you don't like it, try ArchiCAD, it may well be what you are looking for.

  5. LOL @ Anonymous .. ArchiCAD .. Or they could revert to etch-a-sketch .. they hardly EVER CRASH .. yo just have to be careful not to drop them.


  6. Stefano from italyMarch 30, 2011 at 7:58 AM

    I mentioned a few times in my post how I am going to wait for the 2012 release before jumping to conclusions. I only said that, IF these were the top 16 improvements, I would have been quite disappointed.
    If I did not consider revit a great and fundamental tool for my business I would not spend all that money to keep up with subscriptions. I also posted in the wish list and my simple requests made the top of the list! But obviously it did not make much of a change... Don't you think that Revit architecture should give priority to architectural tools (yes; railings, stairs, topography, material layers on in place modeled components, partial demolitions etc) ?
    I believe professional firms don't really rely on revit to render or to post on wiki or to make their lifes easier on how to choose an icon from the ribbon rather than from the keyboards etc. Yes, all useful and ... witty! enhancements but let's first fix the main tools and then add on the accessories

  7. I agree with Stefano. The new features are great... kind of.

    But there are so many tools that haven't been touched in YEARS, but are certainly in need of attention.

    Revit is great, but this greatness is seriously (for me personally) diluted by the suits who are seemingly in charge of what happens to Revit.