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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Copy text from any dialog in Windows (including Revit!)

Have you ever wanted to copy the text from a Windows Dialog, for use in training, blogging or other support related tasks? Then you should check out the free SysExporter. It is available in installable or ZIP standalone versions, and there is also a 64-bit version.

This program allows you to browse the text of dialog boxes from a vast range of windows. And as you can see in the image above, you can even extract information from Revit dialog boxes. I am sure that function could prove very useful for a lot of you.

For example, I quickly grabbed this list of worksets from SysExporter. I copied selected items using 'Tab delimited' format. Pasted to Excel and then copied into this window:
String Value
(Not Editable) EGRESS PATHS 10583
(Not Editable) FHR hose lengths etc 10807
(Not Editable) GRIDS AND SETOUT 8797
(Not Editable) HIDE Admin RVT link 10573
(Not Editable) HIDE Entourage People 19332
(Not Editable) HIDE Ext Main Ceiling Level 14103
(Not Editable) HIDE Furniture PRESENTATION 14727
(Not Editable) HIDE Internal Detail Elements Battens etc 17850
(Not Editable) HIDE K BLOCK LEVEL 9062
(Not Editable) HIDE Lower Basement Level 9995
(Not Editable) HIDE Main Audience Level 12393
(Not Editable) HIDE Main Entrance Level 11410
(Not Editable) HIDE Mechanical Kitchen Plans 17273
(Not Editable) HIDE Old Stairs for Removable Seating 11357
(Not Editable) HIDE Planting and Trees 11854
(Not Editable) LIGHTING 1 Workset 17893
(Not Editable) MASSES hidden by default 9993
(Not Editable) REMOVABLE SEATING 9791
(Not Editable) Room separation lines 5829
(Not Editable) Shared Levels and Grids 103
(Not Editable) Working HIDDEN 8934
(Not Editable) Workset1 0

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