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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Useful Free Utilities

As I go about my day-t0-day, I come across some very good free programs (some of which I have posted about before - see links at bottom).

Most recently, I have come across the following free utilities:

  • FreeFileSync - for comparing directories
  • RichCopy - very powerful copying utility, for things like network backups etc. Replacement for Robocopy + GUI
  • InfraRecorder - free burning and ISO creating utility
  • Mozilla Thunderbird - just goes from strength to strength. I have used it to connect to our Exchange database at work.
  • GRemote - this utility allows you to control a PC using a Windows Mobile device as an emulated mouse. Can connect either using WiFi or Bluetooth. Useful for Media Centre and Presentations.
  • Microsoft Security Essentials - free antimalware and antivirus program with real time scanning from Microsoft.
Hope you find these helpful!



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