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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Stop Bashing AutoCAD!!!

Seriously, what is the point in accusing AutoCAD of all the world's ills? Please, educate me...

We KNOW AutoCAD isn't a BIM tool. We KNOW it can't compete with Revit when it comes to holistic building documentation.

But then, Revit can't compete with AutoCAD when it comes to many CAD tasks!

Bashing AutoCAD is like telling your grandpa he is no longer needed because you have a brother now. It's just pointless (that is, unless you are trying to sell Revit to AutoCAD users...)

You wouldn't be here without your grandpa, would you?


  1. I am one of the bashers. I've evolved into not bashing the software, but the users of the software. Quite simply, it's about the workflow and process involved in the technologies.

    Are architects hired to create a set of drawings or to create a coordinated, energy efficient, cost controlled constructable building.

    I've found it's an issue about teamwork versus selfishness. Come on, not sharing the dwgs because of "copyright" is BS. You can go to the building department, pay for a copy of the drawings and recreate them manually. You can take a photo of a building and recreate it for another project.

    I've written some extensive blog posts lately at www.revit3d.com on the subject. As a general contractor, I'm frustrated with not having enough information for bidding accurately.

    It's the Art of Architecture versus the Business of BIM. I don't care what software someome uses as long as it's CAD. Coordination, Analysis and Design. That's worlds apart from Computer Aided Drafting.

    BIM is just a more efficient way to create construction documents. So, I'm not bashing the software anymore. I'm bashing those who think that drafting a building in CAD is faster, more accurate and better for the contractor and owner.

    Anyone can argue with me all they want, but the fact that GCs are adopting Revit and BIM at an exponential rate so they can convert CAD to BIM for clash detection and scheduling is proof enough that BIM is here to stay. The devil is in the details, but the cash is in the coordination.

  2. Thanks for your response. I hope it makes a difference and pushes those that are ready, into the sunshine of a white background program.

  3. PS. I hope you'll add my blog to your blogroll.

  4. PS - If you are an AutoCAD user, you can still have a black background in Revit. And you can still have the Ribbon - so really, its an easy transition (nervous cough).

    But we do want you to feel at home over here in Revitown.

  5. Hey Greg, I have added your blog to my blogroll, and I have linked to you in my link list.

  6. i bash acad for what doesn't work. seems like some of the basics, some i think from long ago, are broken. anyway, acad's still good for 2d, snaps, osnap, guidelines, various manipulations to achieve geometry.

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