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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Free RPC Creator

Revit 2010 comes with a set of RPC content for your renders. But perhaps you want to make your own RPC content? Well, head over to http://www.archvision.com/ and register.

Then Login, and go to the menu item shown below:

Download and install the RPC Creator, and then enjoy making your own content!

Have a look at this link for a getting started guide on using the program.


  1. Do you make your own RPCs? We'd love to see some samples. support@archvision.com or Tweet us at @askarchvision

  2. It looks like the free version is no longer available on the Archvision site. Do you know where I can get it?

  3. An update. You can get the old free version from this link: http://acm.archvision.com/support/downloads/RPC_Creator_1610.exe

    To get the authorization code you can use the Live Chat on the site or email support@archvision.com

    I'm not sure how long they will support this back door method, but maybe if enough people request it they will bring the free version back.

    1. thank very much for the link. But I ve not gotten any response from support@archvision.com.
      please is there any other way i can get it. or if you have it, you can send it to my private email (martbrownlo@yahoo.com) or you caqn share it here.

      thanks a lot

  4. Hello,

    You are now able to download ArchVision RPC Creator and obtain an authorization code to activate this free product here: http://archvision.com/products/plugin#rpc-creator-pro

    - Dee Fife, ArchVision