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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Access folders FAST! (Folder Guide)

Check this out.

Whether you use Revit or not, I challenge you to find a faster way to access your frequently used folders.

However, since upgrading to Vista x64, I am struggling to find a good replacement!! I'll let you know when I do...


  1. Hi, just switched from Win XP x86 to Win7 x64 and found Folder Menu (GPL) good enough to replace Folder Guide (simple, clean, cute... the best one!).

    Check it at

    Did you find a good replacement?

    1. i agree Folder Menu works Ok after install just use middle mouse button to activate and select 'add favorite'....
      however my gut reaction in win 7-64 is to right click (after using folder guide for years!)
      thank you

    2. I have been using Folder Menu also. It is ok, but sometimes I find I need to alternate between left and right mouse buttons when browsing the folder tree.